About The Plymouth Rock Foundation:

Plymouth Rock Foundation was incorporated in 1970 "to make more widely known and understood the Pilgrim principles and characteristics - their devotion to God and the Bible, to freedom and to tolerance, and their embodiment of courage, brotherhood, and individual moral character."  The Foundation does not stop with its desire to preserve the Pilgrim story, however, for its original mission statement goes on to state "we also seek to make better known the ideas and achievements of later generations of Americans who followed after the Pilgrims in both spirit and deed, forging our nation's Christian heritage."

Board of Directors

pjehleDr. Paul Jehle became Plymouth Rock Foundation's third Executive Director in 2006, having been the Foundation's Education Director since 1988.  Dr. Jehle began studying America's Christian heritage in 1975. John G. Talcott, Jr. opened his library to Dr. Jehle at that time, and inspired Paul to become a member of the Pilgrim Society, Old Colony Club and the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society, along with other historic organizations.  Paul began traveling across the nation teaching on America's Pilgrim and Patriot heritage, holding 20 seminars a year in 35 States and 6 foreign countries.  Paul Jehle has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Barrington College, and a Doctorate degree in Education from Whitefield Theological Seminary.  Paul began giving walking tours of Plymouth and its monuments in 1978.  He published "Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders" for tourists and interested visitors to Plymouth and Cape Cod, letting the Pilgrims interpret the monuments erected in their honor through their own words in 2004.  Dr. Jehle currently serves on Plymouth's 2020 Commission in preparation for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Pilgrims.  Dr. Jehle founded The New Testament Christian School in 1980, a private Christian academy offering grades K-12.  He became the Senior Pastor of The New Testament Church (highlighted with a link to the church's web site - www.tntchurch.net) in 1987 where he and his wife began attending in 1975 and where they still serve today.  Paul and Charlene have two grown children.
johnJohn G. Talcott, Jr. was the Chairman of Plymouth's 350th Anniversary Committee to commemorate the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620.  His calm demeanor, attention to historic detail, gracious and generous charitable donations along with his servant heart has caused the town of Plymouth to hold him in high esteem.  He founded the Plymouth Rock Foundation in 1970 for the purpose of continuing to preserve the Pilgrim Story and particularly their Christian faith.  In 1975 he introduced Dr. Paul Jehle to both the Plymouth Rock Foundation as well as his extensive library of primary sources on America's heritage.  Throughout the years Mr. Talcott has served the town in numerous ways including being President of the Pilgrim Society in the 1970's, overseeing the erection of the William Bradford statue near Plymouth Rock when he served as president of the Bicentennial Commission of Plymouth in 1976, overseeing Plymouth Rock Foundation's publication of a collector's edition of Mourt's Relation in 1985, serving as Chairman of the Committee to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the National Monument to the Forefathers in 1989, and as a member of the 375th Committee to honor the Pilgrims in 1995.  In 2001, he received, on behalf of the Plymouth Rock Foundation, the sponsorship and oversight of the newly re-created America's Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration from its former organization.  He has helped to lead the Old Colony Club's observance of Forefathers Day each December and the July 4th parade in Plymouth as its honorary "marshall".  He actually walked as leader of these community events through his 100th birthday!  He continues to serve as "chairman emeritus" of the Plymouth Rock Foundations' National Board of Directors where his, John Talcott III also serves as a member, as well as being an active member of the Committee that continues to oversee America's Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration (highlighted with link - www.usathanksgiving.com).

biosDr. Charles Wolfe grew up the son of a dedicated Marxist.  Through his own independent study of American economics, he decided to go a different route than his father in pursuing his studies.  As a result, Dr. Wolfe became a noted advertising and campaign slogan writer who served numerous conservative political candidates as well as writing ads for radio and television.  After becoming involved in the Foundation for Economic Education in New York for a time, he joined John Talcott, Jr. as the Executive Director for the 350th Plymouth celebration in 1970.  He wrote a pageant entitled "Pilgrims All" that was performed in Plymouth's Memorial Hall, as well as re-creating an historic and authentic Pilgrim Sabbath Meeting as a part of the celebration.  After the celebration, he became the Plymouth Rock Foundation's first Executive Director for a short time before moving out of Plymouth.  After serving in both Florida and Virginia as an historic consultant to Coral Ridge Ministry and birthing the American Freedom Project, he returned to Plymouth after the death of the Foundation's second Executive Director - Rus Walton.  He has served as the Foundation's President since 2000 and still resides in Plymouth.  rus

Rus Walton (1921-1999), became Plymouth Rock Foundation's second Executive Director in 1978.  Rus was a noted writer, having served under Governor Ronald Reagan in California writing speeches.  Rus moved the Foundation's headquarters to New Hampshire and began Plymouth Rock Foundation's legacy of its "Letter from Plymouth Rock" which articulated both Biblical and historic principles through topics of interest across the nation.  He also authored several books such as One Nation Under God, In the Spirit of 76Biblical Solution to Contemporary Problems and the study-guide Fundamentals for American Christians, first published in 1978.  The study-guide soon became a key self-study course for Americans to both recover their Christian heritage as well as begin to apply Biblical principles to influence education, prayer and service in their communities.  In 1988 Rus inaugurated the Committees of Correspondence that helped to start local chapters of the Plymouth Rock Foundation across the country.  The membership of the Foundation expanded to all 50 States, and the subsequent Leadership Guide helped individuals begin small groups that educated citizens on their history as well as their responsibilities as citizens.  Rus personally mentored Paul Jehle beginning in 1978 and then nominated him to the Board of Directors to be the Foundation's first Education Director in 1988.  Rus Walton's untimely death in 1999 caused the Foundation to undergo some internal re-organization, bringing it back to Plymouth and eventually having Paul Jehle be its third Exedutive Director.