Plymouth Rock Foundation and the Forefathers Monument

Dec 3, 2010
A Call For Plymouth To Keep The Faith Alive And Support The National Monument To The Forefathers

In 1853, the first weekend of August was designated in conjunction with the Embarkation of the Pilgrims from Delfts-Shaven, Holland on July 22, 1620.

”In coming to this country, our fathers most certainly contemplated, not merely a safe retreat beyond the sea, where they could worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience, but a local government founded on popular choice…their political code united religion and liberty, morals and law, and it differed from the wild license which breaks away from these restraints.”

–Edward Everett speaking in Plymouth, August 1, 1853

In 2003, an organization known as Keeping the Faith has been formed in order to restore this monument to its former grandeur in honoring the faith, courage, and valor of our worthy ancestors the Pilgrims.We invited the Town of Plymouth and all modern day Pilgrims to gather on the Monument grounds on Saturday, August 2, 2003 for a day of education, fun, and enjoyment as we raised funds to restore the Monument to the faith of the Pilgrims as a legacy for future generations.

The event was a resounding success but we still need your help!


If you would rather send a check or money order in any amount send your donations to:

plymouth rock foundation
attn: prf forefathers
1120 long pond rd.
plymouth, ma. 02360

make checks or money orders out to:

prf forefather’s monument
Cosponsored by: Friends of The National Monument To The Forefathers